Village Underground Song List

1. Get Outta My Way
2. Low Life
3. Zombies
4. I'll Take My Chances
5. What Cha Doin' It For
6. Back Roads
7. Johnny Contender
8. The Long Lost Night
9. It Feels Alright Tonight
10. Don't Push It
11. I'm Afraid To Love You Any More Than I Do
12. If Only In Mind
13. Not What I Use To Be
14. Round and Round
15. Your Baby's Spittin' Water
16. Suzanne Suzette
17. Get 'im Outta Town
18. Auntie Em
19. Natural Living
20. Pastafazoolin'
21. I Need a Million

Mini Set: I'm Awake, It's Alright It's Okay, The Black Fog, Some Things You Leave Behind

The Laughing Dogs

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